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Who We Are & Why Choose Us

SSG Yarns Pvt Ltd is one of the manufacturers of Polyester Texturised Dyed Yarn & Processors of Cotton & other Fancy yarns in India. We dye yarns as per the customer’s requisition : Disperse Dyes, Vat Dyes, Reactive Dyes. Colour/dyes selection is made as per customer requirement / protocol regarding various fastness needs & applications.
Quality Products & Services being our Motto, we are purchasing all our Dyestuffs and Chemicals, which are ECO Friendly and conform to European Standard, only from Multinational Companies of great repute

Quality Policy

Our aim is to satisfy the customer with our product and continual improvement of quality as per customer requirement and time using green technology . Our moto is “Quality with Environment Friendly Yarns”

Batch Size

We are undertaking dyeing of: 2kgs, 5kgs, 20kgs, 30kgs, 50kgs 80kgs, 100kgs, 150kgs, 200kgs, 300kgs, 450kgs, 500kgs, 900kgs.

Specialty Products Texturised, Twisted & Dyed Yarns
  1. Polyester Twisted Yarns ~ 80 TPM to 1000 TPM
  2. Airtex Yarns/Slub Yarns ~ 110 DN to 1000 DN
  3. Cotton Yarns/PV ~ All Counts
  4. Viscose/Excel ~ All type of spun viscose
  5. Cationic Twisted Yarns ~ 100 TPM to 1000 TPM
  6. Spun Poly Yarns ~ All types of spun Polyester
  7. Linen ~ 25 NM, 40 NM
  8. All Types of Polyester Texturised Yarn ~ 80 DN Onwards
Our Mission
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